Its been a minute!

Well, I did it finally! I took the leap and started a website. I would appreciate any and all questions or suggestions that anyone has, to make your experience more pleasurable. Thank you and stay tuned for updates and news from my world of woodturning. It has been awhile since my last post. A lot can happen and it has...stayed tuned for more gossip on that front. 



  • Michelle

    Hi, Greg
    My husband and I took your hands-on podlet class and thoroughly enjoyed “trying” to learn your technique but are anxious to give it a try when we get home. THANK YOU for generously sharing your extraordinary talent. We’re glad you’ve been “discovered”. Your artwork is exciting. We’ll be sure to share your website with others. Good luck.

  • James Chadima

    I was wondering if you create any utilitarian objects. I am looking for a very unique creative salad bowl. Also if you ship internationally. I live in France
    Thank you

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