Beautiful Disaster - Handmade Yew Wood Bowls

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These beautiful bowls are turned from Yew wood. A softwood that is actually harder than some hardwoods. Its gorgeous orange colored heartwood and creamy sapwood contrast each other wonderfully. Each bowl has a variety of natural openings due to the irregular shape of the tree. These openings along with the rim have been detailed with woodburning. The inside of the bowl has been brushed and textured, to add contrast to the super smooth outside of the bowls. The listing is for the four bowls pictured. Thanks for looking.

The bowls measure from largest to smallest.
1. 4.75" tall by 5.25" in diameter
2. 4.5" tall by 4.5" in diameter
3. 2.75" tall by 3.25" in diameter
4. 2.75" tall by 3" in diameter

all bowls are finished with mineral oil.