Handmade Wood Bowl - Elm Wood - Free Shipping

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I am simple, that would be simply beautiful...I take pride in the fact that I am easy on the eyes and wonderfully smooth to the touch. My color and grain are a great example of the of the Elm tree. So having said all that please feel free to enjoy your favorite snack or personal salad in me. I would absolutely love it. Thanks for looking.

* Bowl measures:
*3" tall by 8.5" in diameter

*Finished with Mineral oil.

*Bowls are intended for daily use, just a hand washing in the sink with detergent and warm water and towel dry.

*Of course my family and I use wood bowls on a daily basis. It is my experience that the investment is well worth it. There is nothing like eating out of a wood bowl!*

Materials: mineral oil, Elm wood

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