The Orange Meteorite - Elm Wood Bowl - Home Decor

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I think this piece is emblematic of ones journey through anything. I am sure we all feel like we are hurling around in our lives at breakneck speeds. So here is the Orange Meteorite. Turned, carved, burnished, and painted. This decorative bowl has a rich and deep golden orange on the inside contrasted by the black of space on the outside. During the burnishing process the thicker bottom of the bowl cracked into a beautiful pattern...which led to the inspiration of the name. I personally really enjoy making bowls like this. There is a different connection to it. I get to relax and enjoy the process of burnishing and coloring which brings me closer to the pieces. As withElm wood it does move quite a bit during the drying process. This explains the character trait of the the crack on the side of the bowl(which poses no usability of the bowl. Thanks for looking

This bowl measures 4" tall by 13.5" in diameter. It is finished with mineral oil and beeswax.

Materials: acrylic,mineral oil,beeswax,elm wood

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