The Unknown - Wood Art - Sculptural Object - Box Elder Wood - Blue

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Oh where to begin with this piece? Let me start out with the process. This piece started out as a hollow vessel with a small opening, then the spikes were turned and sanded and then steam bent. After the bending they were attached one at a time and carved. Each time one was attached there was a small 4 step process of carving and finishing the small are around the spike before moving on to the next.

The paint came after all the carving was finished. I enjoy the blue with orange accents very much. Its an interesting combination that works well here.

The idea for this piece was a very long time in the making. I guess you could say I used quite a few techniques I have implemented in other pieces singly, I just threw them all together finally. The name of the piece "the Unknown" comes from the idea that I really had no idea how to make this work other than to do it, and work out the details as I went. I tend to work that way already. The only tricky part was literally figuring out how to hold the piece as I carved it. So needless to say I picked up and put down this piece what seems like a thousand times! So I think I can confidently say this is the most time consuming piece I have done to date. It really didn't feel that way as I was making it. Thank you for looking and if you have any questions feel free to send a convo.

This piece is 8.5" tall by 9.5" in diameter.

This is a sculptural art piece so the functionality of it is to make you smile when you see it.

Materials: box elder wood,acrylic paint

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