Wood Art - Sculpture - Ash Wood - Home Decor - Desires Flame

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So trying to explain what these pieces are, I am finding out that it's not so easy. I can't let that stop me! These home accent pieces are made from Ash wood. A wonderful wood to work with that depending upon the size you have, can hold a multitude of design and creative possibilities within. These pieces have been dyed from yellow to red, to mimic flames.

I start these pieces from an whole branch section and turn them down to their finish size and shape and they are soaked. After soaking they are bent to create the organic and flowing stems. Each piece is definitely one of a kind and put together in groups they are stunning. So if you are looking for that special something you haven't seen before. These pieces could be what your looking for. Thanks for looking.

The pieces measure
1. 5.5" tall by 1.5" in diameter
2. 10.25" tall by 1.75" in diameter
3. 10.75" tall by 1.5" in diameter

* all are finished with mineral oil.

Materials: mineral oil,ash wood,dye

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